Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

Working With Shrimp & Grits Kids

Is EASY, LOW STRESS & FUN!  And it allows you to gain financial independence by earning income from home while earning free clothes to dress your children in the cutest line out there.

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What a fun way to earn money and adorable Shrimp & Grits Kids clothing!

The Perks:

  • Reps can earn up to 17% in Cash Commission.
  • Reps & Hosts can earn up to 15% of your total sales in Store Credit for the show you host (before shipping & tax).
  • At the end of the season, qualifying Reps & Hosts will receive a 40% coupon code to place your personal order.

The Details:

A trunk show is when a hostess has a party and the rep showcases all of the adorable new styles that Shrimp & Grits Kids has to offer each season.

Reps receive a trunk of over 100 clothing samples twice a year. Customers are able to view each season’s new line and place orders at their local trunk show.

The Duties:

  • Reps & Hosts must host AT LEAST one show during your selling period, which is twice a year. (Spring is January-March & Fall is July-September)
  • A show must total $500 to earn any perks.
  • Reps must schedule three (3) additional hosts shows in their area, which they will oversee.
  • Reps must create & maintain social media outlet pages (Facebook,Instagram,ect.) to help build their customer traffic.
  • Reps & Hosts must place customers' orders using our mobile app, and answer and customer questions. 
  • Reps must print the FedEx shipping labels, and get the trunk to the nearest FedEx ground shipper on their scheduled date. 
  • A returning rep must make $5,000 and a new rep must make $3,500 in sales to be considered for a trunk the following season. 

The Steps:


  1. We will put you in touch with the nearest rep, and you pick a date/time for a show while she has the trunk.
  2. Your rep will provide you with the mobile app download to put on your mobile device as well as the invitations and catalogs, and all you have to do is address and post them or hand them out. 
  3. At the time of your show, your rep will bring the trunk of all of the current season's samples to your home. 
  4. Assist the rep in show set up, order placement, customer service during your show, and the break down after the show. 
  5. Continue to take orders until you are ready to request your store credit. Don't forget that you can continue to sell all year long!


  1. Start contacting friends, coworkers, and relatives to see if they want to host a show. 
  2. We will let you know if we have and interested hostesses in your area, and put you in contact with them. 
  3. We will ship you the invitations and catalogs, and email you a handbook to look over. 
  4. We will ship you the trunk which includes the current season's samples, reference binder and credit card swiper to be used at your shows. 
  5. You will carry the trunk to and attend all of your hosts' shows, and enter the customer orders via our mobile app on your tablet or smartphone. 
  6. You will then ship the trunk to the next rep with the shipping label we provide. 
  7. Let us know when your hosts are ready to request their store credit. 
  8. Continue to take orders until you are ready to request your store credit and commission! Don't forget that you can sell all year long!


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