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A Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids by Megan Hewitt, SGK Owner and Designer

Boy do I love a craft! I used to be a Art teacher in my former life, so I love trying out different craft and art projects with my girls. I found a really fun easy craft to do with my girls for valentines on this great blog . This project is perfect for teaching sewing skills to kiddos of all ages.



Shrimp and Grits Kids came about when I started sewing dresses for my oldest. I have been sewing since I was a child, and now my girls love to sew. Ella, my oldest, has been sewing since she was 5 or 6 and Lyla Gray, my youngest, likes to sew too.

Check out the blog for some more ideas and tips for teaching your kids sewing skills.



I love it when I find a fun craft that utilizes supplies that I already have around the house.

You will need the following materials:

Paper plates, Scissors, Yarn, Hole punch, and Tape

*An older child can do this whole process his or herself, but if you have a little one you may want to do the initial cutting and hole punching.


How To:

1.Cut out a heart template and trace it on to the back of a paper plate.

2.Cut out the heart and hole punch the plate around the outside of the heart.

3.Cut a long piece of yarn and wrap tape around one end of the yarn (I prefer this to using a needle).

4.Tape the other end of the yarn to the back of the plate and begin sewing from hole to hole.

5.When the yarn runs out feel free to cut a new piece of yarn and keep going.

Voila! A fun, cute valentine craft!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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