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3 Ideas for a Creative Kids Growth Chart

Looking for a fun project to work on with your kids, and keep up with their growth at the same time? Kids growth charts are the perfect solution. While there's a variety of different types of growth charts that you can buy pre-made, we think that creating a DIY growth chart is way more fun. Here's three great ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

1. Tree Kids Growth Chart


One of the most popular DIY kids growth chart ideas is the tree growth chart. The one thing we really love about this type is that you can tailor it to your child's interests. For example, if your kid loves birds, use birds as markers to note growth patterns. If your kid is more interested in koalas, create koala cutouts to use as height markers. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

2. Ruler Growth Chart


Instead of just making a few notches on the wall, and then breaking out the measuring tape, create a wall ruler. DIY ruler growth charts make measuring your kid's growth fun and easy by turning a small portion of your child's bedroom wall into a tall ruler. The best part is that all your need is a piece of plywood and some paint. Here's a quick and simple tutorial.

3. Raceway Growth Chart


Just a Girl and Her Blog has a great upcycle project that turns an outdated growth chart into a perfect kids growth chart for the kid who's obsessed with race cars. The best part? The whole thing is magnetic and uses actual toy cars to mark your little one's height.  

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