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Row, row, row your boat! Summer is on its way and a great place to have your children spend their time is on the water! Here in Charleston, SC, marinas filled with sailboats are a part of our maritime cityscape. Charlestonians grow up sailing with their family and friends, making memories and enjoying time spent outdoors in the ocean breeze. Kids spend their summers at sailing camp learning to navigate the harbor waters and making memories with friends that will last a lifetime.

Each year Charleston, one of the top spots on the East Coast for sailing, hosts the Lowcountry Regatta, which brings in sailors form all over the world. They spend the day on the harbor racing multiple courses while enjoying our beautiful weather, with festivities and a dinner to follow. It is a great chance to bring the family out for some fun and relaxing entertainment.


Whether they are sailing the seas or watching from the seashore, your little ones will look adorable in the Sailboat Collection by Pippa Layette + Lounge. In soft, cotton knit, this sweet collection is made for little adventurers who are ready to explore the warm days of Summer!



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