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It’s that time of year! Spring has sprung and families are excitedly planning summer vacations to the beach! For favorite family-friendly vacations and tips for parents travelling with kids, we count on The Hello Agency, founded by our friend Beth Simms of Mount Pleasant, SC, to give us the scoop!


Favorite Family-Friendly Vacations

Cruising – It’s a Grab and Go (and by Grab, I mean your kids!) Vacation. Cruising is a stress-free option for families who are looking for a more inclusive vacation --- one where mom isn’t in the kitchen the whole week and dad is able to unplug from work. The kids are entertained from sun up until sun down – with a mixture of onboard activities from waterslides, kids’ clubs, bingo and pool time. Our favorite family friendly cruise lines are Disney and Royal Caribbean.

All-Inclusive Vacations – This is the true definition of a Vacation Simplified!! We love this option for families who want to maximize their beach time and exploring a new place! It’s a fantastic and cost-efficient way to travel. All-inclusive means – everything from meals, drinks, accommodations and select activities are included in your upfront cost. We love sending families Mexico, Jamaica and Punta Cana. These are locations that a full of options for all budgets and offer fantastic adventures on and off the resorts. Our favorite family friendly resorts are currently Dreams Playa Mujeres, Hotel Xcaret and Beaches Turks and Caicos.

Tips for families

  1. Make sure passports are current and up to date. You’ll need mom and dad together at the post office to apply for the kids—so make sure your schedule allows for it!
  2. Include the kids in your decision on where to travel. I always send clients several options to consider and encourage them to all vote together as a family.
  3. Use the kid’s clubs! They are staffed with some of the best people you can find— and the kids end up loving the extra attention!
  4. Take your sunscreen with you! I’ve been known to pay $20 for sunscreen – so don’t make my same mistake!
  5. When cruising, give each child a gift card with an amount on it – once it’s gone, it’s gone! It’s a great way to keep gift shop purchases, arcade games and extra “treats” at a minimum.
  6. Always use a local travel agent to help - we spend time in locations seeking out the best options for our clients. One resort might be good for one family but not good for the other. It’s one of the many perks to working with a professional.

When it comes to vacations, there are as many ways to explore the world as there are people on it!” – The Hello Agency



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