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Summer Accessories for Your Kids Beach Trip

It's not even mid-July, which means there's plenty of time to pack up the kids and head to the beach. In fact, if you're in the Southern US, you've got plenty of beach time left - even after school begins again! But beach trips aren't created equal, and having the right summer accessories for your beach trip can make it infinitely more pleasurable. So what types of summer accessories are must-haves for a beach trip with the kids? We've got a roundup below!

1. Sun Shade Umbrella

Some type of shade from the sun is mandatory if you're spending all day at the beach (and especially if you're not renting a chair and umbrella combo from a beach vendor). Beach tents are great because they're large enough for the entire family and comfortable, but they're also difficult to pack up and sometimes a little unwieldy. We love large umbrellas, like the Sport-Brella, because they're large, have sides that unfold to help keep out wind and sand (like a beach tent), and fold up small enough to fit into a beach bag. All of which means you have more arms to deal with wrangling up kids, rather than lugging beach gear to and from the car.

2. Beach Chair Backpacks

Beach chairs are also a good idea. While a lot of people don't mind laying out on a beach towel, the smart beach-goers know that even a small, low-to-the-ground beach chair can keep sand off of you and be more comfortable in the long run. The only problem again is toting it to and fro. But beach chairs that fold up and have shoulder straps solve that problem, making transporting them quick and easy.

3. Infusion Water Bottles

Water bottles are great, but nothing is as refreshing as fruit-infused water, which has become sort of trendy over the last year. Packing a couple of infusion water bottles filled with strawberry infused water and blueberry infused water is a great way to entice kids to drink healthier drinks, while still providing some flavor and variety. Plus, once they're done with the water, they can snack on the fruit. It's a win, win.

4. Water Shoes

Depending on what type of beach you're on, you may or may not need water shoes. However, it's always a good idea to have some handy when you're in the ocean (or even in a tide pool) because you never know where there are rocks or coral, and stepping on them can be pretty painful. Even worse, it can ruin a day at the beach. Some simple slip-ons that have a rubber sole should be perfectly fine - just something to provide a little protection from things underwater that might cut or stick.

5. Beach Wagon

Even though you've found some great functional summer accessories for the beach, you're still going to need to haul beach towels, food, coolers, and probably a few children. That's when the value of a beach wagon really presents itself. A foldable beach wagon, like the one we've linked to, is great because you can pack it up in the trunk of the car, and it's sturdy enough to make it through the sand with relative ease.

Have you made it out to the beach this summer? What summer accessories for the beach can you not live without? Share with us in the comments!

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