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Boys Fashion Tips for Fall

When it comes to boys fashion, it can be difficult to branch out beyond the traditional button down shirts and t-shirt and short combos appropriate for play. But, boys fashion doesn't have to be boring, and it doesn't have to only consist of a few standard pieces. In fact, boyswear fashions for Fall can be fun and bold - just like your little one. Here are a few tips for creating a perfect fall wardrobe for your little gentleman.

Stock Up on Collared Shirts

It's been a fashion standard for adults for years, and it goes for kids too - tailored clothing always looks better and more presentable than crumpled shirts and shorts. Collared shirts from basic whites and navy polos to plaid prints are always good to have around to dress up a pair of pants. They're also perfect to wear underneath sweaters, sweater vests, and jackets, and work for school, church, and play. You won't find a more versatile wardrobe staple than this.

Opt for Bright Bottoms

If there's one boys fashion that always gets play during the Fall season, it's a pair of khakis. And while khaki pants are always a great staple to have, you shouldn't be afraid to switch it up with bright, fun colors. Red pants, navy corduroys, and even plaid bottoms can be mixed and matched easily, and is a fun break from traditional neutrals.

Don't be Afraid of Accessories

Fall accessories can help you get more mileage out of your son's wardrobe. Things like holiday-themed tabs can be added to basic tees to add versatility. Also, hats and scarves can perfectly complement a look, so don't forget to stock up on a few Fall and Winter accessories.

What are your favorite go-to boys fashion tips for Fall? Share with us in the comments!


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