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Kids Travel Clothes: How to Keep Your Kids Comfy on the Road or in the Air

Few things can strike fear into the hearts of parents like traveling during the holidays with a wild pack of children. The extra suitcases, the diaper bag, making sure there are enough snacks and activities packed so that the kids don't get rowdy - it's enough to drive any mom or dad to the mad house.

While we can't help corral children from security to the boarding gate, we can make sure that your little ones are at least comfortable during the long trek to spend the holidays with family. In fact, dressing your mini me in these kids travel clothes might even keep them comfortable enough that they fall asleep on the journey. Or at least one can hope, right?

Before you start packing up for holiday travel, make sure to grab some of these great kids travel clothes out of the closet and get them into the suitcases.

Leggings are a Girl's Best Friend

There may not be a more perfect kids travel clothes item than leggings. From basics to plaids to prints, girls leggings are the perfect way for kids to travel in comfort, but also look polished and put together. Our ruffled leggings come in precious prints that range from polka dots to stripes.

Comfy Sweaters are a Must

If you've ever flown on a plane, you know that temperatures can fluctuate wildly and you can be sweating in a tank top boarding the plane, and then freezing once the plane takes off. Make sure your little ones are prepared by giving them a comfortable sweater to keep on hand. The perfect accompaniment? Our Teddy Sweater is unisex, so it's perfect for both girls and boys. Plus, it's made of 100% cotton so it'll keep your kiddo warm and cozy the entire trip.

Flowy Tunics

Flowy tunics are perfect for keeping little ones warm and cozy on long road trips and travels. They're ideal kids travel clothes as they're soft and comfortable to curl up in, they don't wrinkle, and they're warm. Even better, basic tunics can easily be mixed and matched to go with a number of leggings, pants, and even shorts.

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