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4 Fun Beach Games for Kids

As any avid beach-goer knows, beach days are a blast, but the waves and lounging on the sand can get a little monotonous after an hour or two. But if you don't live near the beach, driving 30 minutes or an hour to get there, only to leave an hour and a half later because the kids are bored just isn't a possibility. And that's where beach games come into play.

When building sandcastles and playing in the surf becomes mundane, offer up some of these fun beach games for kids and keep on having a fun and relaxing day at the shore.

1. Seaside Scavenger Hunt

Take a pad of paper and a couple of pens, and create a list of sea creatures and sea life that you frequently find at your local beach. Things can vary from the common (like sand dollars and minnows) to more obscure things like horseshoe crabs or welks. Each items is assigned a number of points, with the more common items fetching fewer points than the harder-to-find scavenger hunt items. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the day, wins!

2. Boogie Board Battle

If there's one way to make a solo activity more engaging and more fun, it's to add a level of competitiveness to it. If you're at the beach on a day when the waves are good, take your boogie boards and have your family catch waves and ride them back to the beach. Whoever makes it farther up on the beach wins.

3. Surfside Hot Potato

Just like hot potato that you'd play on land, surfside hot potato utilizes a blow up beach ball or other type of ball that floats in the water. The ocean waves make the game more complicated (but also more fun, in our opinion), but it's something the whole family can play!

4. Sand Hangman

Hangman - or really any type of game that you'd normally play with a pen and paper, can easily be adapted for the beach. Find a strip of tightly packed sand (near the ocean is best, but not so close that the incoming waves will wipe out your work). Find a stick to serve as a pen and draw a hangman board or tic-tac-toe board in the sand. When you finish one game, you can easily wipe away the writing and start again! And the best part about this method of playing is that you don't have to pack any additional supplies in your beach bags!


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