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SGK on a Mission to Serve Lowcountry Children

A couple of months ago, Megan and her daughters, Ella and Lyla Gray, donated boxes of Shrimp and Grits clothing to Lowcountry Orphan Relief (LOR).  LOR is a local organization that works with non-profits, schools, foster parents, and government agencies to identify needs of children in various circumstances including: children from area shelters, foster care, and those removed from the custody of their parents.  Within 48 hours of being notified, LOR provides these children with clothing, toiletries, books and school supplies. The work that LOR does is crucial because they are intervening at critical crossroads in the lives of these children in an effort to not only provide necessities, but also to provide a connection and comfort to these children.


Megan and her girls were so moved by their experience donating clothing to LOR that Megan requested a tour of the facility in hopes that she could devise a way to personally give back and to also involve her business, Shrimp and Grits Kids, in charitable contributions to impact the lives of the children served by LOR.  While brainstorming ideas, Megan learned about Comfort Cases.  Comfort Cases is an organization that began when foster parent Rob Scheer realized that the precious child who arrived to stay with him was carrying her entire life's belongings in a white garbage bag.  He had flashbacks to his own childhood in the foster care system and made a decision to create change.  Megan was so inspired by Rob's story and Comfort Cases' mission that she began to think back to her visit to LOR and immediately realized how she could couple her passion to help children with Comfort Cases commitment to do away with those awful trash bags!

Megan knew that at a minimum, she could replace the plastic grocery bags currently being used at LOR with a functional, cute, reusable bag that these children can carry with them to keep their belongings.  She also wanted to involve Shrimp and Grits Kids in this mission so, we are putting our Comfort Cases inspired bags on our website so that you, our customers, can give back as well!  That is right!!  You can help too!  Just head over to our website and when you purchase one of these super cute duffle bags, SGK kids will match your purchase. So, in essence, you are giving two of these duffle bags full of love and comfort to children in need!!
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Megan's passion for this project has trickled down to her daughters who are currently doing a Beanie Boo drive at their school to provide a Beanie Boo for the bags SGK contributes to LOR. The children at the school are even including a little informational certificate with the Beanie Boo that includes a brief back story, name, and birth date....all in hopes of providing a more personal touch and connection to these precious children. Check out the sign Ella made to promote their efforts within the school.  How cute is that? I firmly believe that children learn compassion and empathy from watching how we choose to involve ourselves in service.

I hope that you are all as excited about this mission as we are!  This is such a worthy cause and amazing organization and we are honored to be able to help serve the children of LOR.  With your help, we can make such a difference in their lives!

XxOo Melanie

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