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Holiday Travel Tips: Beat Boredom With These 6 Car Games for Kids

We've written a lot lately about how to help your kids beat boredom during holiday travel, but the best parent is a prepared parent, so we've got a few more tips for keeping those little ones calm on the road - with car games for kids! These fun four games will help pass the time on long road trips to and from visiting friends and family during the holiday season.

1. Alphabet Animal Game

Start with one person naming an animal that starts with an "A". The next person has to name the animal that starts with an "A" and add an animal that starts with a "B". For instance, "anteater" and "bear". Keep going until you reach the end of the alphabet. The first person who messes up or forgets one of the words makes the entire group have to start over from the beginning. See how far you can get before someone messes up!

2. I Spy

You can't have a family road trip without a good game of "I Spy". Let kids choose objects and give hints on what they're looking at, for example: "I spy with my little eyes something round and fluffy". Whoever guesses the correct answer gets to spy something next. This is an especially fun car game for kids who are 5 years old and under.

3. Restaurant Race

If you're on a main highway or interstate for a majority of your trip, try playing the Restaurant Race game. One person calls out a common roadside restaurant (think Wendy's McDonalds, or Taco Bell) and every time someone sees that restaurant (or a roadside sign for it), they get a point. Whoever gets the most points within a designated time period (10-15 minutes), wins. And then they get to choose the next restaurant.

4. Radio Scanner

For this game, you need to use your car's radio scanner (the setting that scans through a few station and then lands randomly on a radio station). Whatever station the scanner lands on, the first person to correctly guess the song that's playing wins. Keep playing over and over, or scan the radio multiple times and the person who gets to 5 wins first takes home the prize.

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