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4 Tips for Traveling with Kids (Without Losing Your Mind)

Holiday season generally means time off to spend with family, lots of delicious home cooked meals, and good, quality time spent with family and friends. Unfortunately, a lot of that also requires holiday traveling. And as anyone who has ever wrangled a toddler through airport security knows, traveling with kids is not always the smoothest experience.

There are, however, a few tips that can lessen the chaos factor of traveling with kids.

1. Triple Check the Essentials

The last thing you want to deal with once you get on the road or while you're in line at airport security, is to realize you've forgotten your wallet or a kid's passport or any other number of travel essentials. In the best case scenario, this can turn an ok travel experience into stress and chaos. In the worst case scenario, it could cause your entire family to miss your flights and have to spend lots of money re-working your travel arrangements. Triple check that you have passports, photo IDs, wallets, tickets, medications and any other things that are absolutely necessary to bring on the road.

2. Pre-Download Apps and Books

Entertainment is key when traveling with kids. And while you may want to limit screen time during the week when you're home, when you're traveling, an iPad or a smartphone might be the best option for kid's entertainment. The fact that it's a small, slim device that can be pre-loaded with educational games and apps, along with e-books, makes it a lot more efficient than say packing 5-6 books.

3. Keep Cash (or Snacks) on Hand

If you're taking a long car trip, make sure to pack plenty of snacks so that you don't have to make too many pit stops for hungry kiddos. Choose healthier snacks full of protein that will keep your little ones full for longer over sugar-packed snacks like candy and sodas. Pretzels, nuts, and Chex mix are good for staying full. If you're planning to fly, bringing snacks to the airport is a no-go. So, it's good to have some cash on hand for picking up some food after you've gone through security.

4. Plan Kids Clothing Beforehand

Wearing the correct clothing in the car and at the airport is key in making sure traveling with kids goes as smoothly as possible. Being comfortable is important, so leggings or comfy cotton pants paired with layers on top is a good option. Try layering a short sleeved t-shirt with a sweater for maximum comfort, since planes and airports can get chilly. Shoes are also a very important part of the equation, especially when shuttling everyone through security lines. Choose shoes that are easy to slip on and off, and pair them with socks. Avoid shoes that have complicated laces or buckles, and it will make things a hundred times easier.

What are your tips for traveling with kids? Share with us in the comments below!


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