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5 Brilliant Playroom Ideas for Organization

The playroom - it can quickly go from being a fun place for your kids to get creative into a giant whirlwind of chaos. With small toys, stuffed animals, crayons, markers and all other manner of supplies designed to keep your little one engaged and entertained for (hopefully!) more than five minutes, it's not difficult to see how your kids' playroom can quickly morph into a disaster area.

But even the worst offenders of playroom chaos can be corralled into something resembling organization with just a little creativity and a small (or tiny, even) budget. Plus, some of these ideas can be implemented for free if you have a few key supplies lying around the house. Here's our top five favorite playroom ideas for keeping your kiddos organized!

1. Crayon and Marker Storage

playroom ideas crayon storage

For simple crayon, pencil, pen, and marker storage, use handy little pails or buckets attached to metal hooks that are attached to a hanging bar (even an old curtain rod would work well). The photo features an entire set that can be purchased from Ikea, but you can easily put a similar system together with parts lying around the house. And small metal buckets can be found at a craft store like Michael's or even at a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe's.

Tip: Make sure to hang it low enough for your kids to easily reach it, so that they can get them out and put them back up easily once they're done playing.

2. Chalkboard Wall Scribbles

playroom ideas chalk wall

Instead of buying scrap paper, chalk boards, or whiteboards that take up space, use your walls as a medium for artwork. Chalkboard paint can be purchased cheaply at almost any hardware store (and online). Paint or spray it on, let it dry, and then let your little ones have at it. The best part is that when they're done, they can erase it and start again from scratch.

Tip: Only paint a lower ring around the wall. This way, you'll still have plenty of wall space for shelves, pictures, paintings, and anything else you want to have as well decor.

3. Shallow Display Shelving

playroom ideas shelving

At some point while your kids are still young, you'll realize that you've inevitably amassed a small collection of toys that are similar in nature. These may turn out to be model cars, Pokemon figurines, or rubber dinosaur and animal figures. Whatever they are, they can get disorganized at a pretty alarming rate. And since these toys are usually small, keeping them organized and easy to find quickly becomes a challenge. That's why we love these shall shelving units. A 2x4 can easily become two long shelves mounted to the wall. This means that they don't take up a huge amount of space, and are perfect for displaying and storing small toys. And when your kids are ready to play with them, they're much easier to find.

Tip: Organize toy cars or figurines by height, color, or type to make it easier for your kids to find what they want to play with quickly.

4. Wall Hanging Toy Storage

playroom ideas basket storage

We're all about utilizing as much wall space as possible in playrooms. One huge benefit is that it provides more space for playing and running around. Another benefit is less clutter. Instead of opting for a freestanding toy bin or chest, find ways to store toys in bins on the wall. One of our favorite ideas is to use hanging wire baskets designed for window plants. They're cheap (at around $5-$10 each), and are great for keeping larger toys and stuffed animals off the floor and out of the way of clutter.

Tip: Place a rug or play mat just below the hanging toy storage to make it easy and comfortable for your child to find new things to play with.

5. Create a Reading Nook

playroom ideas reading nook

Instead of stacking books on a shelf or in a cabinet, create a dedicated reading space for your little one. By using hanging wall shelves hung low to the ground, your child can easily find and store books they want to read. And what's even better is with the use of a hanging tension rod and some colorful curtains, you can create a quiet nook where your kiddo can go to read or play.

Do you have any tips for keeping your playroom or kids bedroom organized? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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