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Smocked Spotlight: Cool Stuff for Kids This Week

It's no lie that we're crazy about smocked kids clothes. But there's a whole wide world full of awesome gadgets, apps, toys, and other things geared towards kids and moms that we love discovering. Things that makes life easier, and more fun, here are our top five picks for cool stuff for kids this week!


1. Groovebook App - If you're anything like us, you take tons of photos on your phone that end up sitting there for months (maybe even years). Even though moving them off of your phone to your computer is relatively simple, it still gets overlooked. That's why we just signed up for the Groovebook app. It syncs up to your phone's photo storage and prints up to 100 images each month, which then get packed in a cool little photo album with perforated edges so that you can tear out the pictures you want to frame. How cool is that?


2. Personalized Family Print - Getting the perfect family portrait can sometimes take an act of God. Getting everyone to smile at the same time without blinking, and making sure the baby isn't screaming or crying isn't always an easy task. Instead, go the quirky route with these cute animated family portraits. Pick out avatars for each family member from an already drawn set of adorably drawn figures, add in your family name, and voila. A framed family print without the hassle of photography.


3. Filip Smart Watch - Ever wished you could keep better tabs on your kids while they're out and about in the neighborhood playing? A cell phone is one option, but that's expensive and phones are easily damaged - especially by younger ones. The Filip Smart Watch for kids is one solution. The reason we love it is because it's not heavy on functionality - it makes calls, answers calls, has GPS tracking, emergency responses, and text messages - and it's easy to keep track of. Kids wear it like they would a normal watch, and you can give young ones a little bit of independence while still keeping track of them.


4. Pre-historic Wall Hooks - We love these clever little dinosaur wall hooks. Not only are they adorable and fun, but they're super functional and can help organize the mishmash of backpacks, jackets, scarves, and other stuff that inevitably accumulates into a mound n the floor in our kids' rooms.


5. Teacher's Pet Backpack - Forget standard backpacks, these animal themed Teacher's Pet backpacks are too cute not to get. They're large enough to carry books, folders, and supplies, and come with padded straps so that they're comfortable for your little one. Plus, what kid wouldn't love toting around their favorite animal all day?

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