Free Shipping Over $99!

Free Shipping Over $99!


A: The Spring Season runs December thru June. The Fall Season runs June thru December.

A: Once you have joined the team and become a Host or Sales Rep, you may download the SGK App from iTunes or Android Market Place. To login, you will use the same login credentials as you use to login your account on our website.

A: Today! You can sell all year long!

A: Call Customer Service (843-884-9310) immediately to help with your request. Please do not submit order cancellations or change requests via email, as we cannot guarantee an immediate response. Customer Service hours are Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm EST.

*Any order errors that result in additional shipping fees will be deducted from your commission check.

A: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Store Credit, and Shrimp & Grits Kids Gift Cards (our system does not accept credit card gift cards, checks, or cash).

A: Only one major form of payment can be used at a time on our website (credit card, PayPal, etc.).

A: Generally, orders that are in stock and not personalized will ship within 1-2 business days. If an order has a personalized item on it, the entire order will ship once it is completed, within 7-10 business days.

A: Please contact us immediately if you realize that an error was made when entering a monogram. In the event that a monogram is entered incorrectly, the Sales Rep or Host will be responsible for the cost of the replacement garment. Monogrammed items cannot be returned. Please contact us if there is a flaw in the monogram. Please reference the Monogram Guide for more information.

A: If you have just placed your order, please call Customer Service (843-884-9310) immediately by phone and we will attempt to update the order with a new shipping address. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee address changes after an order is placed, but we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

A: USPS flat rate is $5.99.

Website Orders: Automatic free shipping applies on the website when a credit card or PayPal account is charged $99.01 or more.

SGK APP Orders: Automatic free shipping applies in teh SGK App when a credit card or PayPal account is charged $25.01 or more.

A: Please send the item you'd like to return back to us at the address listed on the Return Form found at the bottom of our website. Once we receive your return and process it, we will issue a store credit to the customer account that the order was placed under or a gift card code if the customer was not logged into her account.

A: A customer’s order will not show up in the SGK App if your Sales Rep/Host ID was not entered properly at checkout on the website.

A: When you are logged into the customer’s account that has the store credit, check the “apply store credit” box at checkout.

A: Copy and paste your customer’s gift card code at checkout under “gift card code” (not coupon/promo code).

A: You may have received this error if a credit card did not initially go through and you tried to place the order again with the same card. Please wait 30 minutes to try the same card again, or use a different form of payment.

A: Sales Reps and Hosts sell online via social media and/or at in-home Trunk shows. The difference?

Hosts earn store credit, not commission. Sales Reps earn both store credit and commission, and manage a team of Hosts.

A: Sales Reps/Host ID’s stay the same every season. Once you are given your ID, it is yours forever.

A: To add or delete Hosts, email

A: When a new Host is associated under a Sales Rep in our system, the Sales Rep will need to log out of the SGK App and then log back in to let it refresh. Please be sure to confirm that your Hosts are displayed in the SGK App before you arrive at a Trunk show.

A: Once logged into the SGK App, click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the page. Choose "My Dashboard" to view your orders, Host information, store credits, and commission.

A: You can co-host a Trunk show with a friend! To do this, you must use one Shrimp & Grits Kids Account and place all orders for the Trunk show under this account. Store credit earned must be split amongst yourselves.

A: You will not receive commission if a customer uses store credit or gift cards.

(Example: If the Order Total is $100 and $40 of Store Credit is used, you will receive commission on $60).

A: You will receive half commission on sale items!

A: In January, we issue Tax Form 1099 for the previous year for Sales Reps whose total commission was over $600 for the season. You are self-employed, for income tax purposes, you will need to report your commission income on Schedule C of your tax return.

A: Sales Reps Goals must be met at the end of each Season:

First Season Sales Reps must sell $3,500 to be guaranteed Trunks for next Season.

Seasoned Sales Reps must sell $5,000 to be guaranteed Trunks for the next Semester.

A: Commission and store credit will be earned throughout each Season:

Final commission checks will be mailed at the end of each Season.

Store Credit never expires.

A: Commission checks are mailed twice per Season: Once on request and once at the end of each Season.

EXCEPTION: Sales Reps who purchase a Trunk receive up to three (3) commission checks: Twice on request and once at the end of each Season.

To request your commission check, please email

At the end of each Season, if total commission is $100 or less, this commission will not be mailed but will instead roll over to the next Season (or can be transferred to store credit plus 25% upon request).

A: Once Sales Reps and Hosts reach $500 in Total Sales (not including taxes and shipping) for the Season, they will begin earning store credit. They will automatically receive store credit when customers place orders using the Sales Rep/Host ID. Store credit never expires.

Rep & Host Store Credit Sale    
  All year long credit All year long credit
Sales on FULL price items on SALE price items
$0-$499 0% 0%
$500-$1900 15% 7.50%
$2000 and up 17% 8.50%

A: When logged into the SGK App, your store credit will show up as an option to be applied at checkout. If you prefer to place your order online, you would simply log in as a customer on the website and your store credit can be applied during checkout.

A: When a Host who is newly recruited by a Sales Rep exceeds $1,000 in total sales throughout a Season, the Sales Rep is awarded $100 in store credit. An additional $50 in store credit is awarded for every $1,000 in sales (by that same Host) thereafter until the end of that Season.

This reward is NOT automatically processed. To receive this reward, Sales Reps must send an email to

A: To become eligible to be considered for a Sales Rep position, a Host must reach a sales goal of $2,000 from the beginning to the end of a Season. Our decision will depend on how many Sales Reps are currently in her area. We also take into consideration the type of recommendation we receive from her current Sales Rep.

Independent Host (no Sales Rep in her area; sells without a Trunk): To become eligible to be considered for a Sales Rep position, an Independent Host must reach a sales goal of $1,000 from the beginning to the end of a Season. We take into consideration the type of recommendation we receive from her current Sales Rep.