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Free Shipping over $149!

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Rolling into February with a Bang! -  2/1/2017

Happy February everyone!  You girls have been doing amazing so far this season!  The top rep is at over $35000 in sales already!  That is crazy!!  It just goes to show how amazingly awesome our reps are.  We wanted to give y’all a tip that we recently heard from a brand new rep this season who is also selling like hotcakes… She uses a different angle with her sales pitch and we think it’s simply genius!


Here are her words to her customers and hosts… "Sharing Shrimp and Grits Kids Clothing with all of you is so much more than selling a line of clothing, it is setting the scene for a future family moment that will become a past treasured memory that you may sit in bed and remember with your own Littles for years to come!! Tonight as I was putting my boys to bed we were sharing our favorite family moments and memories from the past. Some made us laugh, share tears, make plans, and remember the good. Each memory that came up, I could remember the moment as if it was yesterday- where we were, what the setting was, and even exactly what they were wearing for a lot of those 'pull at your heart strings' moments big and small! Please let me share the opportunity to create a sweet moment in sweet clothes that will stay with you forever. "     ~Ashley Baughman, Roswell, GA


Keep up the great work everyone and have a fabulous week!


Spring 17 is on Fire! - 1/26/2017

Girls.... y'all are doing amazing and we're only in week three of the season!  We have a few reps that are already over $25,000 in sales...  That is phenominal!! The emergency re-order of the Sailboat Swing Set and the Strawberry Pinafore Set is coming in todayThey will be shipping out early next week.  Orders are steadily shipping out and our customers are posting the most amazing pics of their little ones in their SGK.  Keep up the great work!!


The Trunks Are On The Move! - 1/19/2017

The Spring 2017 is well under way and you guys have been doing an amazing job already!

The trunks are on the move, home shows are happening and your customers orders are shipping out!

Keep up the great work!!

Exciting New App Features Released  - 1/6/2017

We've been busy over here at Shrimp and Grits Kids. We set out to give our Reps and Hostess more of the resources they need to fulfill their goals.  Here's a list of the new features in the App.

1. We've added the Tips and Resources section.  We'll be adding new content all of the time, so be sure to check back frequently.

2. Sizes will now disappear from the drop down when it becomes out of stock.

3. Any order placed on the app will automatically receive FREE shipping when the customer pays $25 dollars or more.

4.You can now search by SKU.

5. After an order is started, 2 options will appear in the "Hamburger" menu called "Start New Order" and "Continue with Order".  If you choose "Start New Order", the cart will be cleared, and you will begin from the beginning of the order process.

6. You can use the "Personal" order type when placing your own order, and you will receive credit for any payments you make after store credit is applied.