Free Shipping Over $99!

Free Shipping Over $99!


Recruiting Hosts

 Ask out of Town Friends who are members of groups like Junior League.
 Look Outside your Social Circle for outgoing enthusiastic mothers or grandmothers.
 Online Show Option If you are unable to schedule a trunk show.


Online Show

 Send an Email or FB Event with links to the Shrimp Catalog and to

 Include Hostess ID email to get your ID.
 Tag Host at Checkout when friends go to checkout, they'll simply enter the Host's ID.
 Reps Get Credit Too confirm your host list is current on your app.
 Track New Sales host and reps will receive credit for every new order that applied a host or rep ID.


Finding New Customers

  • Seeing the Clothes in Person is 100X more fun and sells 5X -10X more than relying soley on sending emails.
  • Branch out invite grandmas, neighbors, church folk, play groups, school, work, supper club, kids activity groups, etc.



  1. Hand Out Invites to grandmas, neighbors, church folk, play groups, school, work, supper club, kids activity groups, etc.
  2. Email Sign Up Sheet always have a pen and pad present during your show.


Social Media

  • Create a Facebook Event encourage friends to share the event on their page.
  • Create New Rep Profile if you don't want to use your personal page.
  • Share Shrimp's FB Post on your personal page.
  • FaceBook Live to show friends who were unable to attend your show.
  • Instagram Story to show friends what they missed out on, offer to place an order for them.
  • Free Shipping remember to mention free shipping on order $25+ on APP.


Successful Shows

  • Master Catalog in the catalog, mark which size you received in your trunk, and use as a reference at your shows.
  • Displaying Clothes set up the clothes in groups in the order of the catalog.
  • Be an Expert know how to cross sell and answer sizing questions.
  • Party Themes it's VERY helpful to have an activity set up for the kiddos and adults (tea party, game night, moms night out, supper club)
  • 2 Shows in 1 Day make the most of your time and accommodate customers' busy schedules       
  • Email List be sure to set out a sheet for customers to fill out their emails at every show so that you have a running contact list.


After the Trunk

  • Sell All Season Long invite customers who couldn't attend the first show.
  • One New Host... all it takes is for a new host to email her friends, groups, grandmothers (see Online Show)
  • Supplemental Lines Shrimp and Grits Kids is always giving you and your hosts the material to create and send a new email to you groups.
  • Thank You Notes follow up with customers after their purchase.



  • Set a Goal keep your goal simple don't get discouraged.
  • Look at Other Reps follow our rep page on facebook to be the expert.
  • Not Just About the Clothes you aren't just selling clothes, you are making memories for your customers!



 Use "Hot Selling Products" to your advantage

One of the best ways to drive sales during the trunk season is too instill a sense of urgency in your customers.

Sometimes its easy to think that selling out of sizes or products is a negative, but it is quite the opposite.  If a customer thinks that there is unlimited inventory, they will be less likely to "pull the trigger" on an order at your show.  They may think that they can wait until the end of the season to get an item on sale.  Also, by keeping up with the Hot Sellers List, you have a reason to shoot your customers an email letting them know that they may want to place an order with you now if their size is running low.

Use the limited quantities to your advantage!

 Host a Preview Party!


Before your 1st show, invite all hosts and their children over to become familiar with the new line!

Try on clothes, take pictures of the kids in them, and make notes of the sizes/styles & age of the model.

To really get a BIG response on FB and Instagram... post pics and comment the size and age of the model. Give your followers advice on sizing.

This is also a perfect time to hand out invites, host IDs, catalogs, and talk about anything new going on with S&G Kids!



To increase earnings, promote your shows on  &

Post pics and try these comments...

  •      1. Free shipping on orders $25+ for customers who attend a show!
  •      2. No SALES TAX!!! (excluding S.C. orders)
  •      3. Date and time of show.
  •      4. Everyone loves sizing recommendations!
  •      5. FB live flip through our online catalog, talk about the line and
  •          answer questions.

*Remember* host shows with high attendance EARN 5X  those who only receive email orders.

EXTEND the invite to everyone, allow your friends to invite friends and their moms and grandmothers.

Everyone appreciates the invite because it is an exclusive invite to shop the new season in person.



Carefully pick show’s dates to make sure customers attend your show

Our top hosts schedule 2 shows in the same day:


       1st show 9am-12 kids welcome

       2nd show 4-6pm (Girls night out)


       1st show 4-6pm (Girls night out)

       2nd Show the following day 9am-12 kids welcome




How to set up your trunk show

      1. Display clothes in the order of the catalog (hang clothes

            on racks, chairs, window sills, lay on furniture)

      2. Mark up 1 catalog so you know what size you received

            in your trunk.

      3. Customers love this when trying to determine what size

            to buy!